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1. What words best describe your experience playing the game such as
fun, engaging, frustrating, powerful, interesting, boring, educational,
confusing, emotional, challenging?

2. Was the board game a good way to learn and/or to teach about racism?
Why or why not?

3. What was the general tone of the discussions during game play and/or during debriefing—for example, respectful, confrontational? Please explain.

4. Was there anything that you or the facilitator could have done to improve the game-playing experience?

5. Did using the Zee’s Blog storyline add to/distract from discussions of racism?
Please explain.

6. Do you have any comments/suggestions on any of the Situation or Bonus cards? Which ones? Please explain.

7. Do you have any comments about the game board space that asks, “How does racism directly impact you?"

8. What, if anything, did you learn about racism from playing the game?

9. What, if anything, did you learn about yourself from playing the game?

10. Are you more or less likely to speak out against racism after playing the game?
More likelySame as beforeLess likely
Please explain.


11. If you found the game useful, a 2-3 sentence endorsement to promote
the game would be appreciated.

12. May I use your responses to this evaluation form to promote the game?

13. If so, may I use your name and your school/facility's name (if applicable)?

14. Any additional suggestions or comments?

Thank you for completing this evaluation form!

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