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How do you identify your race/ethnicity? *

Did you have a co-facilitator? *

If so, how do they identify their race/ethnicity? *

How would you describe the racial/ethnic and socio/economic mix of the
game players? *

Did you have any difficulty in downloading the materials?

Did you notify the parents of your students/players that a game about racism would be played?

If so, was the “Talking Points” letter in Helpful Tips useful?

What was your purpose for offering the game, and did the game fulfill your purpose?


1. Which format did you use: Self-Directed or Guided? Why?

2. If you used the Guided format:

2a. Did you project the cards or print out sets for each team?
How did this work out?

2b. If you used the PowerPoint option for the Guided format:
Was the wording on the slides easy to read (that is, was the writing crisp and clear)?

2c. Is there anything else you feel should be added to the PowerPoint?


3. Did you print out the two-sided handout for each player?

4.Did you use the “Framing the Content for Success with the Game” document?
If so, was it helpful? Please explain.

5. Did the storyline element add to/distract from discussions of racism?
Please explain.

6. What were the players’ reactions to the game in general, and what specific challenges, if any, arose?

7. What was positive?

8. What, if anything, surprised you?

9. Did players make it to the finish? If not, how did you present the conclusion
of the story to them? Please explain.

10. What form/s of debriefing did you provide yourself? Your players?

11. Any suggestions for me and/or other facilitators?


12. Do you have any comments/suggestions on any specific cards or on the cards
in general? Please explain.


13. Any suggestions for improving either of these game documents?

14. Did you pair the game with a book or activity suggested in Helpful Tips (such as focus questions or journal writing), or did you create your own activity? Please explain.

15. If you used a focus question, which one did you use? What did the before/after responses reveal?


16. Will you use the game again? Please explain why or why not.

17. What, if anything, would you do differently?

18. May I use your responses to this evaluation form to promote the game?

19. If so, may I use your name and your school/facility's name (if applicable)?


20. If you found the game useful, a 2-3 sentence endorsement would be appreciated.

Please encourage your students/players to fill in an Evaluation Form:

  • Student/player online evaluation form: Click here!
  • Student/player written evaluation form: Click here!
    Contact me for my mailing address to send the completed evaluation forms.


If you’d like to talk to me by phone to discuss any aspect of the game, please contact me through the website to arrange this. I am eager to receive even more feedback!


Thank you for completing this evaluation form!

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